Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Colourific Wednesday

How good is your perception of hues, tones & shades? I never think too much about mine, & to be honest when it comes to putting glass colours together for beads I pretty much suck.....big time, unless I have specific instructions.
But that is just in beads - in everything else it is not a problem. Go figure!

Not to blow my own trumpet (well not too much anyway), but in fabrics, yarns, clothing & decor it is not a problem at all. In fact more than once I have been asked to consult on colours for peoples decor, & I've lost count of the times when I was at the Gallery that an artist would ask "what do you think it needs" when it came to an incomplete artwork that needed a touch of 'something more' to give it a lift.

Then there was the framing - I could just glance at an image & straight away go to the right mat boards, mounts & frames that would compliment it the best ... & there were physically thousands of choices in both tones & shades of every colour imaginable.

There is alsocolours as I see them in my minds eye - I once amazed a certain male by buying 20 meters of organza swearing that it was exactly the right tone to match the antique gold that was in my duvet cover..... I didn't have the duvet with me. I just knew.

So why the hassles with glass & beads? Is it some form of mental block - or perhaps that fact that so many colours seem to react 'not quite as anticipated with each other.

Don't mind me - I'm still just trying to figure it, but in the meantime if you have a spare moment take this 'Hue Test' that a friend sent me a link to a while back - it's fun, even if my perfect score the first time around made me wonder all over again just what is wrong when it comes to me & glass ;o)
FM Hue Test

(here's a hint - if you find it a bit tricky - squint!)

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angelinabeadalina said...

Okay, I'm gonna have to try that test and see just how badly I suck! I love colors, but I sure don't feel like my choices are naturally pleasing to anyone except myself...You, on the other hand, do have an exquisite eye for color and (I think) are letting the lack of certain glass colors in the palette throw you.

Heehee, didja catch what I just did? Gave you another reason to order more glass ;)