Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rediscovering a City

One thing about entertaining a visitor from abroad is that you get to visit places that you don't often go.
On Wednesday Jo & I spent the day together just having a look around the outer limits of my city. What is taken for granted & possibly a bit passe (
ok ... a lot passe) to me is something new to others. We started along the coastal length of the shoreline & progressed to the hills, where I tried not to scare Jo too much with my hill driving. Of course the weather just had to turn on a grey, overcast & very chilly day for us - completely unlike the day before when Jo was busy studying!!

Jo treated me to a delicious lunch at a restaurant called
Sachmo's in Lyttleton, which is a port township over the hills from the main part of the city. We then spent the latter part of the day in search of a few gifts for Jo to take back for friends & family.

Another of the things about travelling around with a guest - especially one that see's through slightly different eye's & is looking for different things to what I am (most of the time), is that in an effort to help provide what they are looking for is that you stop in at places you wouldn't normally stop.

A Real Giant Weta
Whilst we managed to source most of Jo's requirements I thought that it might rather be pushing it to find a replica of New Zealand's giant Weta's....after all they are not the most beautiful of creatures. Who would want to create a replica of this critter afte all???
A last stop at the Canterbury Museum's Gift Store & voila! We found one!!!

However I also spotted something else in the Museum Gift Store & in light of my current slight obsession with balls , I picked them up for a closer look. Oh dear!!! Trying to stiffle slightly hysteric snorts of laughter I attempted to quietly show them to Jo (yes the poor lady has been subject to some of my commenst - hey, she has seen Hercules in the flesh so to speak!!!).
What next????

So many undiscovered things in this city of mine.


Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

You crack me up!

Deb, you've just been tagged. Visit my blog for details.


rosebud101 said...

OMG! What us a weta? or whatever! Now that might make an interesting challenge! OMG! Did you really touch it?

Kyfarmlife said...

Oh My! And I thought the fake "bulls balls" hanging from those redneck pick up trucks were terrible! your Kiwi balls come with a How-to booklet on "how to play with them" Totally funny and dying laughing here!

Kyfarmlife said...

Okay the Weta just freaks me out! I dont do well with bugs, let a lone bugs THAT large! eeewwww I'm squeeling like a girl right now, ooops I am a girl - hence the screaming I guess