Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Golden Girl Returns!!

We all trouped out to the Airport this afternoon. Sophie, along with her Mum & Dad, had arrived in Auckland this morning in time to have a late breakfast with friends & her cousins, Aunt & Uncle up there.
This afternoon was time for the connecting flight home to Christchurch ....& of course all her biggest supporters.... her Nana, Aunts & Uncles, cousins, second cousins, school friends ....& of course the media!!!
It's a pity it wasn't a direct international flight - our International Arrival lounge is far more modern & spacious than the Domestic arrivals area!!

When we first got there, nice & early so we could get a good position - one of the main TV Channels camera man met us. He wired up my Aunt & interviewed her, while we tried to stay out of the way of the camera - sneaksy man I could see him panning the camera around & I'm hoping that my fat butt & no other parts of me end up on TV!!

It got pretty crowded - pretty darn quick, so getting great photo's wasn't that easy - but there were a few of us with camera's so I may have better to offer a bit later.

Gabriela & my niece, Milla, staying out of the way of the camera man!

Sophie's school friends - along with all the appropriate smiles, signage & such.

Two rather cute wee supporters, Callum & Flynn. Callum swims at the QEII pool so knows of Sophie from her training there. Both boys also go to Gabriela's school - just shows you what a small world it really is!!

Finally the Golden Girl comes through those doors - with a beaming smile, followed closely behind by a smiling Dad & Mum.
Sorry about the quality of this one - it was taken on full zoom!

We could see Sophie looking around & all knew who she was trying to spot!! I have to admire this kid, she swerved away from the media & cut a swathe straight to her Nana.
Sophie is very close to her Nan & it was rather emotional to see her do that, showing everyone just what a wonderful kid she really is :o)

Before she let this 'media inundation' happen Sophie made sure that she hugged everyone that was there to welcome her, family & friends, big & little cousins - even old second cousins!! Gotta tell you my eye's were quite moist!!!
After keeping the media happy she went around everyone giving & receiving hugs again & spent a bit of time having more photo's taken.
Most importantly, she got to chat with all of her friends - I know she has missed them dearly & is looking forward to spending the next few days catching up with them.
In a couple of weeks we all have a family get together & really get to catch up & hear her stories!
So far all I know is that the Great Wall was boring (shrouded in mist & they couldn't see a thing the day she went), but the Terracotta Army was amazing..... & the first thing she said to her coach after she hugged him was "Roly - I bought those Golden shoes!!!

Well - a girl has to have something to accessorize those 3 Gold Medals!!!


rosebud101 said...

Go, Sophie! from a Yankee fan!

angelinabeadalina said...

Sophie, the smile on your face in these pictures is wonderful! I'm so proud of you, and I've never met you in person, so I can imagine the energy and excitement there in that room with all your friends and family! Congratulations on a very successful trip, and congratulations on your homecoming party, too :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos deb! Wish i could have been there with the resto of the fam, but such is life! Am so incredibly proud, she did so well!!! Becky

Deb said...

Hey Becky!!! I miss you! I wish you had been here too - but hey as her " big sis", you got to see all the excitement at the time in Beijing - yeah! I saw you in there & cheering.

I blubbed when Sophie hugged me (what a sap!). Actually I blubbed quite a lot at all of her wins too, when I was following them!

I'd love to catch up with you somehow :o)