Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Jump Back to Sunday & a Quick Catch Up

On Sunday we attended an afternoon tea for Sophie, hosted by My Aunt, Sophie's 'Nana', so that all of the family could catch up with her & hear how the rest of her trip through China went!
Oh..... & fondle the medals & oogle the car....did I almost forget that? No way!

It was a fabulous afternoon! A rather huge array of delectable food (as is the standard in these family get togethers) was accompanied some nice wine, tea or coffee & of course great company.
Of course Sophie was the same Sophie we all know - very chilled & not at all changed by all of the fuss that has been made of her acheivements (& what acheivements Soph! - you are an awesome young woman & we are all so very proud of you!!).

Right now Sophie is somewhat over being photographed every time she turns around. Can you tell? Actually I was really trying to capture the reflection of all the people standing around & admiring the car....honest ;o)

I got a ride in Sophie's new vehicle & WOW! What a great wee driver Sophie is - she offered me the keys, but I was a bit worried about driving that flash beauty, so I declined. What a wimp! It has a fabulous stereo & many other great features.

Ahh the medals!! Each medal has it's own presentation box, a beautiful red lacquered affair with a special insert that holds the medal in place. I didn't realise until later that each presentation box has another silk covered box to protect it - talk about great packaging!

The medals themselves really are huge ....& very heavy. The Gold Medals have an insert of White Jade (more valued & precious in China than the green) which of course adds to the weight. I can't imagine wearing four around my neck at once - mind you I expect with all the swimming that Sophie does she is pretty strong through the neck & shoulders - lol!


rosebud101 said...

Wow! That had to be a great party! Congratulations, Sophie! You deserve the high honors!

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Wow, wow and wow!! Sounds like a fabulous time was had by all. Congrats once again to Sophie.

Cannot wait to see all your goodies from your playdate.

Linda said...

How fun! Those medals look amazing! And that car......oh, I love a new ride :)

Kyfarmlife said...

What a fun time huh?! Sophie is such a beautiful young woman, and I'm sure she is on cloud nine still! i ahve tried to reply to your comment about her "accident" when you posted on my post about my son, but google hates me or something and half the time or more I should say i cant leave comments! grrrr anyway....she is an amazing young lady! I let my son read your comment and he was blown away by her accomplishments...made him feel better that day about his own accident! So I'm gonna call this the wrong name, but what is the beautiful "ball" in your hands? That is justabsolutly gorgeous! And I like the dragons tears, again..totally awesome!