Monday, October 06, 2008

WoW - World of WearableArt

Sorry World of Warcraft fans this one is not for you. WoW - or World of Wearable Art is an event that has been around a bit longer, having first been held in 1987.

It's an annual event in New Zealand that allows both seasoned & emergant fashion designers to indulge in their wildest fantasy's, think outside the square....not just dare to be different - but openly challenge the 'norm'. Of course, as with any great concept - it was conceived in the South Island, in a smaller city called Nelson. A sculptor, Suzie Moncrieff, was looking for a way to promote a small gallery & decided to take art off of the walls & put it on the human form.

People frequently underestimate Nelson & tend to think of it as a 'retirement' type city - but it's not. In fact the majority of great art & craft that NZ has to offer comes out of that city - it may not be a huge buzzing metropolis - but the talent that exudes from it surpasses almost the whole of the rest of the country put together.

WoW now attracts designers from all over the world.
Sadly over the last few years, since Montana Wines became it's leading sponsor, the hosting of the annual WoW Event has been moved to the North Island. However all is not lost - because the WOW® Museum in Nelson, exhibits selected garments from each year.

This years Supreme award winner "Ornitho Maia" By Nadine Jaggi of Wellington

Personally I think that this is the most outstanding entry & Wearable Work of Art to date - it truly totally blows me away. Would I wear it?? (especially if I were 5 inches taller with the body of a model) - HELL YES!!
Check out the website for other entries & winners from this year & previous years at World of WearableArt.

Am I finished yet? Noooooooo! ;o) I have to tie this into lampworking , sort of...somehow.
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rosebud101 said...

That is an absolutely stunning work of wearable art! Wow!

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

I'd wear it if I had the figure - WoW!!

And the kiddies. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

Do you think there is space in NZ for another SA family (Grin).

angelinabeadalina said...

And yet another WOW for WOW! Geez, Louise, I'd love to see this in person. Actually, now I want to do this! What incredible fun this must be!