Thursday, March 12, 2009

Change is in the air

Seasonal change that is! Nights & mornings get cooler & I somehow feel cheated that summer hasn't been long enough. This week seems to have skipped Autumn & tried to get right into winter. The skies have been overcast & it has rained quite heavily some nights. I don't mind rain but I miss the bright blue skies. I loathe how this affects me, my subconscious seems to do a subtle shift & I am not as even tempered & positive as I'd like to be. It's almost as if my body wants to go into hibernation.

Fortunately there is a huge upside to this! I have a very vivid imagination & can easily conjure up images of tropical islands & warmer locations - & I frequently do. It's at this time of year that my daydreams go into full swing.... Bali & Indonesia or the Seychelles, Morocco, Egypt & Malta - or pretty much anywhere around the Mediterranean Sea.
I shall happily put the responsibility for encouraging these dreams on the head of my maternal grandfather....or 'Papa' as we called him! Born in Malta, our childhoods were filled with his tales of growing up there. Quite simply it was magical!

So with thoughts of warmer climes in my head I set to torch trying to capture, in my own naive way, the essence of some of the countries I dream of visiting.
My mind first went to Malta & the thoughts of sun warmed, age weathered limestone building, surrounded by the sea.

It didn't turn out quite as I expected - but it has a nice feel none the less.

Next my thoughts turned to the luxuriously appointed interior of a Moroccan Tent.

Once again I didn't quite capture the feel I was going for! It did remind me of something though....

My old bedroom (here stripped of all the fun accessories - because the house was going on the market). That room was my sanctuary, I put almost everything I loved into creating it ....I never failed to appreciate the sense of calm that I felt every time I entered that room.

Maybe I should call the Beads above 'essentially Deb' ;o)


Kyfarmlife said...

Lovely! (as usual!) Though I have to say these may just be my favorite! I love your bedroom too!!!!! Even stripped its great!

rosebud101 said...

Great beads, Deb! Wow!