Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Lack of Obliging Weather

meant no trip to the beach this weekend in which to test drive the zoom capabilities of The Ram. Of course I should have observed the warning signs that Autumn was well & truly on it's way when I visited the local Nursery on a mission a few weeks ago....just pulling up into the car park was a good indication!

An observant person would have also noticed the distinct lack of flowering plants.....

But the NZ Natives seemed to be in fine form!

There was even a splash of fresh & bright looking colour in the shade house to fool me.

Of course the ferns always look big & healthy. As you can see from the mailleman's arm, size matters!

Mary Poppins...oopsy I mean Gabriela, with a spring in her step was enough to fool any unsuspecting Mum that summer was going to last forever.

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