Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Playing for Change; Peace Through Music

A link was sent to me in FaceBook on the weekend. I watched the video & then promptly spent another 3 hours (still in my dressing gown - *gasp*) finding out more!

This is awesome! The second in the "Playing for Change" Documentary is such a wonderful concept & who can resist the lure of Music, especially a classic like "Stand by Me" (my parents have a lot to answer for in the fact that I could instantly recall that Ben E. King first put this track out!!!). I wish I had seen the first!

Of course there is so very much more than the video above. "Playing for Change" have 6 video's up on You Tube - 4 of the songs that are on the CD/DVD that is to be released next month,including Bob Marley's "One Love".
There are also video's of building a music school in Guguletu, South Africa. All are worth can't help but be caught up in the feel of it.

There is a website that explains what the Playing For Change Foundation are doing. It has bio's on the artists involved & makes an interesting read when you think of how truly diverse & spread across the world these musicians are.
Personally I can't wait until the CD/DVD is released on the 28th April - but I guess I'm going to have to!

In the meantime there are a couple of reviews here at Cinema Without Borders & another at Variety.

It kind of reminds me how good it felt to support the original version of Bob Geldofs, Band Aid & "Do They Know it's Christmas?" back in 1984.


Genie Sea said...

This is truly awesome! Thank you for sharing it! :)

Teresa said...

That was neat! Thanks for posting it!

lizze said...

This is a truly amazing idea, and it’s so cool to see that Playing for Change is touring. If you believe in the cause peace and music education you can get further involved by joining their Online Street Team by following this link: