Monday, March 16, 2009

What was I thinking?

Now I am not, most emphatically NOT, a frou frou type of girl. Period.

To me lace belongs on underwear & lingerie, flowers in the garden or a vase. I don't do frills, crystals, sparkles, sequins or any super shiny, reflective types of bling. I couldn't even do it in the 80's. Well maybe I did have a pair of lace tights......

Oh I've had clothes with flowers on them & tops with a bit of lace - but do I wear them more than once or twice? These days the answer is most emphatically "No"!
In part that is a generalization, as there always seems to be a rare exception to most of my 'rules' - I've had a couple of nice pieces of clothing in the past that had flowers on them & I loved them.
For the most part I am just not comfortable in frou frou stuff, & if it doesn't feel right - I don't feel confidant & therefore I don't carry it off well. Quite simple really.

I love jeans & trousers or well designed assymetrical dresses & skirts. Well cut & nicely tailored.
The same goes with shoes & boots, nice sleek simple cut & design with nicely detailed finishes!
Oh & just to show how fussy/picky/obsessive I am - I refuse to even try on footwear that has a seam up the front of the toe.
I don't know why I dislike it so much but perhaps it is because, to me, they look like there wasn't enough leather to make them so they had to join two pieces together. Of course, once again, there are exceptions.

So, here's the crunch - why, three or four summers ago, did I buy these??

What was I thinking? Oh yes, right away I thought of a modern day version of Arabian Nights - but really! Did I honestly think that the sale price tag of $10.00 would make me wear them ? Especially given that nothing I owned would go with them.

So there they sat admired but unworn - lonely & isolated in their box in the murky depths of my wardrobe.
Until I decided that I needed something to play with in the studio yesterday.....

The Result - eeeek!
But hey - I was just playing & it was an excuse to use some Gaffer glass as I seemed to have the right colours in that COE.

Oh.... & the irony was that I noticed what shoes I was wearing today as I took the photographs. These happily break every rule in my book - yet I wear them.

I wonder if it's because they are comfortable, or perhaps it's the slight difference in the price tags ;o)

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angelinabeadalina said...

See, I was going to suggest wearing the blue ones with a pair of jeans, and then I see you *do* have on a cool pair of interesting shoes with your jeans! I like how the bead is even shaped narrow at the toes, and the colors are fabulous-- looks like you got your money's worth out of the blue shoes, after all :)

Now, why do I feel like going shoe shopping today? Need. some. pretty. instead. of. humdrum. on. my. footsies. . .