Saturday, March 21, 2009

Girly Giggles

For some time now - we have been unable to have the kids friends to play, or stay overnight. Quite simply I wont risk subjecting them to the behaviour of a rather disturbing neighbour.
But things have settled somewhat, not perfect - but a whole heap better.

This weekend Miss Gabriela had a friend from her old school to stay. Not only is it fabulous that these girls keep in touch - but as the mailleman said, upon hearing the giggles of two girls making pancakes for breakfast, "Isn't that a wonderful sound to hear again?". It was!

Even the entertainment was cheap. They decided to do some Maori style weaving. With no flax leaves to use they improvised with some montbretia leave out of the garden.
I knew there just had to be a purpose for that weed's existence!!

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angelinabeadalina said...

Wow! I know the giggles are the important part of this post (and I am glad Gabby and friend got the chance to get together), but the weaving is what caught my eye right away! All around cool sleepover, if ya ask me :)