Thursday, September 04, 2008

"B" is for....(wait for it)

Tah dah!...

and you thought I was going to show you a bead!!!
Gotta say folks that I never liked chewing gum.... until a certain 'ex', in pre 'ex' days, brought some of this stuff back from the USA. Of course he only bought back 3 small packets - but it was enough to get me wanting more!
But not that desperately, that I was going to stay with him until he went back again.

Fortunately the 'ex is still the 'ex' - but the friends I have that travel, remain. One recently went back over to the USA for a week or so & came back awfully excited about the new packaging of Big Red gum - they've increased the size since the last time she was grabbing some for me when there in January. I must be completely predictable!

But what is it with no gum wrappers any more??? Oh boy - I had only recently learned to make gum wrapper chains. Well ok - since I saw Sandra Bullock do it in 28 days & I just had to know how to do that for myself -lol. That is still 'recent to me ;o)

Anyway I have a nice wee stash of Big Red - well sort of, because it seems my kids love it too. Bugger!

I suppose... while I'm at it I could show a bead as well ;o)



rosebud101 said...

That bead is stunning, Deb! Now that I know you like Big Red, I'll find some more to send you!

angelinabeadalina said...

Hot Dog! Must have been a glitch going on with comments-- so anyway, here's to childhood memories and carrying a pack of gum with ya where ever you go :) Any time ya need a Big Red fix, I can send some, ya know :) I love the Tortuga bead!! And that's the pic, that right there with the spiral in it and the bead at the center!