Monday, September 01, 2008

My Little Corner of the World

One of the few views I like - across to the park from just outside my driveway.

Lately I've been feeling a bit 'blah' about the 'Paradise' I live in. Clean, green New Zealand ..... in some cases maybe.
If one is to be honest & objective, the clean & green are
comparative & there are a huge amount of Kiwi's that are fiercely defensive & overly proud of this country that has it's fair share of issues.
I, for one, am not about to over inflate the achievements of athlete's & sports people that have left this country because once they get to a certain stage there is nothing more for them here - or lay claim to those that had to leave years ago in order to further themselves. It's a fact - in the grand scheme of things we are small fry.

Yes we have a good share of ground breaking inventions, cures & innovations that have come out of this place - but we are still small.
I mean Holy crap - we have 40,000,000 sheep & only 4,000000 people ;o)

Anyway recently I have realised this city of Christchurch that I live in is looking tired. I also realised that the only time I do look around & think this city is fabulous - is on a warm summers day when I am driving on the main road surrounded by greenery with the mountains in the distance - & this means that I am heading out of it!

I don't like the changes that are happening - not that I mind progress at all - but at the expense of what?
If it were to make the city, in general, more appealing - then go for it I say! But what was once 'The Garden City" in every sense of the word is quickly becoming the city of shoebox in-building - almost the tenements of the future.

I still like the city of my birth but the 40*mumble* something year love affair with it has ended. Today during a walk, with Allan & my camera, through the hood to take some DVD's back, the overwhelming need to escape this city hit me (not for the first time by any means).

Unable to escape in any real sense of the word,I decided on three things....

1/I needed more exercise.

2/I needed to remind myself of all the great points of this city & it's environs, maybe try to rekindle a bit of that flame - either that or go mad.

3/I need to get out more....lots more! Starting today.

I spoke of this as Allan & I were walking & we decided that each weekend we are going to find somewhere to go - tracks to walk, whilst getting some fresh air & exercise at the same time.

We live quite close to the central city & the whole 'cafe scene' - but to keep ourselves sane I think we shall avoid those places & seek instead fresh air & scenery of interest.
The downside to all of this of course is that I am going to bore you with the photo's - lol! I do promise that it will only be once a week though!

The first of the Photo Tour's are in the two posts below ;o)


rosebud101 said...

The park looks beautiful. I didn't find the other tours though. I'll look later. I think you have some good ideas about walking trails. Good luck!

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

You definitely won't be boring me with pics. That one is gorgous!!
The walks and getting out sound great. Cannot wait to hear of your weekend adventures.