Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday Ramble - A Day Late! Part I

Late , my dears but in earnest;o)
Shock, horror - yes the third weekend in a row & we did still go walking - but only just.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, is trying to kick a rather nasty habit. Her mind has been foggy & preoccupied all week & if it weren't for the distraction of Sophie - she may have gone stark raving mad by now. For the benefit of those who think in pictures - this is not to be confused with stark naked!

I was told that to help kicking the habit a copious intake of water is a good idea - normally it is. Being a coffee addict I didn't want to up my intake any more than necessary - so I took the water suggestion to heart. Now whoever said that coffee was a diuretic has obviously never consumed around 3 liters of water a day. Coffee has NOTHING on water, as far as creating urgent trips to the loo goes. Yes I know that you don't need to hear this ....but there is a reason ;o)

There wasn't a lack of desire to go on this weekends walk - rather the opposite. But I've had a hankering to sew & thought that a trip to the fabric store was in order first. That accomplished, with only one small purchase & some sewing machine needles....after a good deal of time spent pondering & fondling various fabrics, there was the need for a trip to the toilet on the way to our walk.

My co -pilot suggested stopping at a Mall we would pass on the way, but being the staunch kinda chick that I am, I said 'no - I can wait' - LOL! Did I say staunch? - make that stupid!!

So we got to our destination & 'uh -oh' the first lot of public toilets were locked! "No matter" says staunch female "the map shows another lot in the park at the half way mark". So off we trot.

I should have been warned, should have known this was going to turn out badly. But nooooooo

As we started to walk in I whipped out my wee camera to take a photo of this, right at the precise time a couple walked out of it towards us. I quickly dropped my camera to let them pass & commented to Allan - "Ohhh there is someone with a real camera". There's Nothing like a subtle hint - & that was nothing like a subtle hint ;o)
The woman, who had a huge & very sexy looking beasty slung around her neck, just smiled at me as I asked her what it was & said "oh I can't remember we just bought it this week, it's a Canon something"- but as my camera dar honed in & I got closer I said "Ohhh it's the new Digital Rebel". A few minutes were spent with me drooling & her casually explaining (as if you buy something that grunty on a whim) that she really hadn't even had a chance to play yet - but really was just replacing an old film SLR she'd had years ago. If only.......
So yep - my mind blocked out the view & kept focusing instead on what I could do with a 'real' camera. I think this is some greenery....
I'm pretty confidant that this is a horse, which we came upon in an open field after a few minutes walk through native type bush. My feet were walking the track - but my mind was on camera!
Part of the lake (rather murky isn't it?) & some Toi Toi's just starting to show their feathery plumes.

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rosebud101 said...

Wow! Now, this is very pretty! Hope you had a great time on your walk.