Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Cute Male Visitor........

Tonight while sitting watching TV, quietly minding my own business & knitting away, there was a rather foreign sounding 'meooowww' at our sliding doors.
I'd noticed this cat lurking today & heard him a couple of times earlier - he has rather an exotic 'meow' - one that I'm sure results from some pedigree breeding somewhere, which seems to be backed up by the narrow shape of his head.

Anyway tonight I let him in. He was obviously hungry & Bizkit had just asked to go out the back door - so there was no risk of confrontation from she who must have control...of her humans, her house, her territory....her everything!

He's obviously well loved by someone & it looks that until recently he had a collar on. He chowed down some dry food & then made hmself completely at home.
The maille man of course made noises that I could not keep him .....Bizkit made similar noises when she discovered him, only hers resembled someone speaking in tongue.

These noises started while I was trying to think of something to call him other than 'kitty' - it's most obvious that he's a him! The last kitty that decided to temporarily adopt us ended up being called Baldric for the duration of his stay.
This guy needed something a bit more 'regal' - I tried Caesar & got told off. Perhaps Samson - in commiseration for Bizkit whom they wouldn't let me call Delilah??

It was taken out of my hands - the maille man has decided until we find where he belongs - his name is 'Bro'.
G.R.E.A.T - now we have Bizkit & Bro .......

Actually he's rather too large, elegant & well mannered to be 'cute' - darn shame I'll have to find out if there is someone looking for him in the morning....if I remember ;o)


angelinabeadalina said...

Solved your problem. Bro belongs to me :) LOL, Just kidding...although I am not kidding when I say I'm a sucker for an orange striped tomcat like that beautiful fellow. My grandparents had one when I was very little, and his name was plain ol' "Tom". We have a neighbor cat who looks a lot like Bro. I named him when he first showed up in the neighborhood, but I thought that cute kitten might be a girl so I named it "Patience". We still call him that when he visits our house. Yep, give Bro some extra loving from me, and make sure the maille man knows that cat's real name is Brother Mustafa Samson Hercules :)

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

He's gorgeous!! Wonder how long he'll stay for.

And your present yesterday TDF!!

Chat soon.

Deb said...

Mich - he's such a handsome dude, there are faint spots in his markings which remind me of something less tame than a domestic cat.

Aww... Ang he is just gorgeous - I know someone will be missing him, but I'd love him to stay!

This morning I woke up & the maille man had let him in - he was stretched out by my feet - lol!

There were various responses from the kids - I told Gabriela on her exclamation of 'what the heck', that Bizkit had had a makeover!

Deb said...

Ummmm - the cat was stretched out by my feet, not the maille man .... although I should see if that can be arranged!

Stanley1 said...

The Maille man is ALWAYS at your feet ;o)

rosebud101 said...

What a cutie pie! I love Bro. He's mine. When can I come and claim him?