Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shocking Shopping

Yep - today I went shopping..... dragged poor Maille Man out to have a quick look at a shop (famous last words) & got home some hours later.

I have decided that I am absolutely disgusted with shopping here - everything seems to be disappearing in the only big craft store we have. The wool isle has shrunk to less than half it's size (unlike my hips) for goodnes sake, there are no longer the great specials that there used to be last year & everything has gone up phenominally in price.

If they expect me to pay $9.00 for a 5 pack of sewing machine needles - well they can go take a running leap. I would rather purchase off shore & pay more in postage, than purchase cheap generic brands for shocking prices.

There was one light moment when I said something inappropriate to Maille Man - well it wasn't really inappropriate....I just didn't think how it would sound to others who didn't know that I was talking of a balloon to be used for sizing knitted hats......

"I could blow it & you can hold it while I measure it"

I was told that perhaps I'd care to rephrase that - lol! I said "nope - I'll just say it louder" & I did.

Oh yeah I was in an antsy mood today.
I was going to share a nice piece of NZ Muusic - or a video of our boys doing the Haka.

But instead I'm sharing one of a commercial that always gives me a laugh - & true testament to my warped sense of humour (as if speedo's alone aren't enough to give anyone a laugh)


rosebud101 said...

Spit on the monitor! I don't know where you find these things! Love them!

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Argh!! I was hoping for the Haka. The one time I'm an All Black's fan is well when we're playing the All Black's. Much to the dismay of all family and friends who think I am rather traitorous (sp). LOL Have hinted to hubby on frequent occasions for an All Black Rugby jersey (don't think it is ever going to happen). A girl can dream!!

I hear you on the shopping. You don't want to see me in the toilet paper aisle. I am constantly shocked and amazed at the price increases which occur quite frequently. I drive hubby nutz while walking up and down to make sure I'm getting the best deal possible. I never used to be like that. Okay, I'm rambling.

Chat soon.