Friday, September 05, 2008

A Face only a Mother Could Love

Well, that was the title in the subject line of an email I sent to a friend a few days ago!
It went onto say:

"....or should that be a goddess?
Yes I know he has juju lips & looks like he has two black eyes -lol!
Even though the tutorial wasn't specific in as much as it didn't tell me to pull stringers first - I should have known to do that...especially when working with ivory. It would have saved me thinking 'oh crap' & grabbing for the nearest rod of something skinny to put on as his eye's.

Mentally prepare yourself for Butt Fugly Buttah Juju Lips One Ball Missing - actually I think he looks like some fictional character from a movie, I just can't pinpoint who exactly right now."

This particular friend had been responsible for encouraging a somewhat flagging lamp working spirit back to the torch. Well, I think I was 'encouraged' - but most likely I was issued a challenge, or perhaps cleverly coerced, by someone that knew I was having a creative block with beads.
Very cleverly it was suggested that I should 'play' & stay away from trying to make specific beads - perhaps try the Buddha Tutorial they knew I had purchased.
Somewhere in the repartee both made typo's in the spelling of Buddha - & 'Buttah' was born.

Although I can't for the life of me see anything attractive about my 'Buttah' - I was rather thrilled that I'd made him, in all of his lopsided wonkyness, without cracking him - he's not that small & only lost one of the small 'balls' off of his head gear.

It took me a few days after his creation to gain the fortitude required to actually show him to my 'encourager' - but eventually I did.

So as you can see "B" is also for Butt Fugly Buttah!

Of course now I have figured that he reminds me of "Dobby the House Elf" from the Harry Potter movie "Chamber of Secrets".

The day after Butt Fugly was created - I bravely made my first attempt at a goddess.
Unfortunately (timing wise) a friend arrived just as she was getting her nipples (the goddess - not the friend!!) - my attention wavered ....& so did the goddesses nipples -lol!

As far as I was concerned she wasn't too bad. Between the two I have learned quite a bit about heat control .... & oh boy, do I have a whole new level of admiration for you Ang!!!

A day later, I had left my beads sitting by my photo cube & was out in the studio torching - (actually making some beads) when a certain 11 year old said "Look Mum!"....oh dear!!!

Now what might be considered a natural & logical thing for a child to do - can be somewhat disturbing to an adult eye.

Gabriela had of course married the Buttah Head with the Goddess Body. Be afraid - very know what's coming don't you???

Now should this be considered a prime example of East meets West - or does it put a whole new twist on Eastern European?


angelinabeadalina said...

I love them!! Gabriela's got a good eye-- don't laugh, I'm serious. That is one protective, ancient and wise goddess mama! Dang, Deb, if that face is your first try at a face, then you are gonna be making some incredible ones! Look at the eyebrow ridges and the ears,too. . .it took me forever to evolve faces even remotely that detailed. Keep on torching, woman! Glad your muse has plans for keeping you busy!

P.S. Ivory is the hardest to sculpt! If you want more control for practice, try your design in black first; black is just about the stiffest.

rosebud101 said...

I think the combination has produced a good marriage!

Deb said...

Thank you ladies :o)

Ang - Thank you for your lovely words, you do always know how to make someone feel really good about what they attemp to do :o)

Now someone tells me about black - lol! I knew Ivory wasn't the easiest, but also knew that it held heat well.
However, for what I'd like to eventually do black would be the perfect colour to work with.

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

I think you did really well too and you should keep going with the sculpting. Angie is right. Faces are hard and mouths are the hardest to me.

If you don't want black, sometimes I start beginners on sculpting in bullseye, because that's a little stiffer and you can use other colors.

Black is hard for me, (sorry Ang), because for me, it's harder to see. Might just be my old eyes too.

Keep it up Deb. And have a lot of fun with it.