Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just Stuff & a note for those that make the Treasure woven Bracelets

My post today is short & sweet
My torch is calling - studio tidy & neat
Load's of fun to be had, but I must confess
The main desire is to make a mess ;o)

That said I also need to take photo’s ….of beads. Oh dear the dreaded battle with the small & insignificant camera.
My website needs to be updated, as does Etsy & I have items to list on New Zealand’s auction site “Trade Me” (I always feel like I should be listing myself when I say that name).
Then there are the parcels that need to be posted & the money for the school camp to be dropped off at school… not enough hours in a day if you ask me!
It’s always a PITA to get the things that need to be done out of the way before you can get to the things that you want to do.
Ahhhhh sew much to do – so little time ;o)

Now I just visited Robin Atkins' Blog. It appears that she has been somewhat scammed & as a result has been left with a rather large amount of those wonderful little red glass rings that work so wonderfully in the Treasure Woven Bracelets, fringes, jewelry & such.
9mm Red Glass Rings

Robin being the lovely lady that she is - is offering these at a great price. Anyone who is interested might like to pop across & grab a bargain at the same time as helping her out.

Visit her blog & have a look for yourself: Robin Atkins

Something I made for a friend recently - Chuck Taylor Booties.


rosebud101 said...

Love those sneakers! They are adorable! Thanks for the tip on Robin's site. I'm off to check that out.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Deb,

LOVE the Chuck Taylor booties!! My son has 5 pairs of Chucks - all in a different color, neon green and orange, clear (can you believe it?), black and blue. Geez, he's worse than Imelda Marcos, huh? LOL!

Enjoy your day at the torch!

angelinabeadalina said...

Aw, the chucks are too cute!