Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Not In Love....

....so don't forget it
It's just a silly phase I'm going through.

Remember 10CC? No neither do I - I am far too young!!

Actually that song just popped into my head when I was thinking about where I live. I'm over it now though.

Mobius Unicus Deb

In fact I am in love. My honey (sorry ladies - even if we were married I would refuse to call him my DH, every time I read that I think 'Dick Head') makes Chainmaille. Now I probably havent said just how inordinately proud I am of this man for what he is doing.
This is the guy that encourages me. He will see a tiny bit of beauty even in my ugliest bead & tell me that I have talent, even in area's where I feel that I have none. This is also the same guy that say's he doesn't have an arty or crafty bone in his body, & when I have suggested that he tries something or other, he has said that he has no imagination.

Well something must have happened, or changed. His chainmaille is great & as far as I can see it is just continually getting better.

It has been a standing joke that I don't have a piece of said chainmaille, & being the silver ho that I unashamedly am - this is somewhat surprising. The poor man frequently shows me designs as he's always wanted to make something for me, but I have put him off by saying that I will know what I want when I see it.
A couple of weeks ago I saw what I wanted - well it was similar to what I thought I wanted,... of course I just had to change things a wee bit to make it more 'deblike' - so I wanted it bigger & with bronze rings as well as silver. The rings were ordered.

Now I play around a bit with some jewelry making & wirework. I have pliers - quite a few pairs of hobby/craft pliers in different styles, but I never seem to be completely happy with the results I get from some of them (althought that could be blamed on the user)- they marr the silver or such, do not meet properly where they should & they are not of a really good quality. So occassionally I borrow the chainmaillers pliers. These were bought ,after much reasearch on chainmaille forums, by said chainmailler specifically because they were box jointed & very precise. I like the chainmaillers pliers ....very much.
Often the chaimailler finds his pliers residing on my desk - oops!

So it was a wonderful surprise when the rings for my bracelet arrived & in with them were two pairs of pliers the same as his. Gotta love a man that buys his girl some tools & the means to make jewelry.

Come to me my precioussssss ...pliers


rosebud101 said...

Wow! Gorgeous bracelet, Deb! Allan did a great job!

angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, yeah! That's a good man, alright! Dang, a bracelet and new pliers, too? You can't beat that, Deb. I think he might be a keeper :)