Friday, September 12, 2008

NZ Announces Election date - who cares ;o)

In the non- ground breaking news today our Prime Minister thought that she'd announce when the next election is.
My guess is that she is doing this while we all still think she is indeed a 'she' ;o)

What I did find interesting is that she suggested that the Opposition had a Secret Echidna - they are all rather a prickly bunch if you ask me.

Token Bead

Now to the Important Stuff ........ "what could that be?" I hear you ask.

We know that Sophie has had a day off - so it could be a bead, or I could just put up some more links & such to Sophie. It's going to be a bit of both!

There is some awesome footage out there of Sophie competing - National TV has shown images of my cousin Jo crying tears of happiness into a towel poolside at Sophie's win - her Dad jumping up & down waving & cheering. It's all so heartwarming & completely overwhelming.

Then there are all of us back here at home who can just quietly cheer the results & wait the 8 or so hours for any images to come online.... although there is the fact that I am always first to get the results ( YAY cable!!), so get to ring my Mum at all odd hours screaming & squealing incoherently down the phone ..... or just quietly saying in a very flat voice - "Oh well, it looks like she just won another Gold"

This is a rather lovely TV segment that was on national TV just after she won the First Gold Medal - Golden Girl Sophie

I'm still trying to get some video footage of her races - but if you wait for this to load there is quite a good interview with Sophie& her coach Roly in Beijing after her second win.
Sophie & Roly Interview
After it loads wait for the commercial to finish & select 'Chapter 2'.

This afternoon a couple of headlines:

Sophie sets World record Sep 13, 2008 By John McBeth

"My intention was to swim a 2.12, but I felt really good. Even so, this time is a surprise".

This was Sophie Pascoe's reaction to setting a world record in her heat of the 100 metres backstroke.

Swimming in the second heat of the 100 metres, Sophie hit at wall in one minute, 11 point 26 seconds and broke the previous word record of 1:12.25, set by American Rutherford at the Athens Games.

She turned in 35.07, which was inside the world record split of South African Shireen Sapiro.

New Zealand's latest sporting star then showed her stamina by swimming the second fifty 1.5 seconds faster than anyone else in her heat. It was a most impressive win.

Sapiro was in heat two and also won comfortably. Her first fifty was point 3 of a second faster than Pascoe's.

The final shapes up as the highlight of the evening session.

Oopsy - looks like I fibbed - there was just a token bead!

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Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Gotta watch those secret echidnas. They can be anywhere.

Hooray for Sophie again!