Monday, September 08, 2008

Travis Wetlands Walk - Part II

We have done a half circuit now & can look back directly across & see the point we started at.

See that small white 'spec' in the middle distance of this shot? It's a rather large & ostentatious house -lol. You'll see what I mean later ;o)
Swampy & uneven ground deserves a slightly raised walkway.
I can see what it must have been like for the wild life many years ago.
The House - kind of stands out like a dogs tail in this area of slightly more environmentally friendly styles of homes.
I just had to prove that there are signs of spring here - besides I love this cemetery, Christchurch's oldest.
The River Avon - which serpentines it way throughout the central city. You just can't escape it & it will look beautiful in another month or so.

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pat said...

well deb just checked in and you are true to your word walking now if i could just get the hang of that, its amasing what you see when you are not driving and take in the fresh air, and well done sophie