Sunday, December 28, 2008

Precious things & Gifts that Keep on Giving

Precious Things

Materialistically I don't have much that I couldn't walk away from if I had to...but there are some things in my possession that are quite precious. Weird things to some maybe - but then again, that's me to a 'T'.

One of those things is my paternal Grandmothers recipe books - not 'antique' by some standards, but I do recall as a youngster that it seemed incredibly ancient to a 7 year old.
Come to think of it, when I was 7 anyone over 20 seemed incredibly ancient...there were just varying degree's of ancient ;o)

Honestly, to me at that age, this looked as if it had come from some dig or discovery that had unearthed treasures 100's of years old.

But the reason it's precious to me, the reason that I keep it, is not for the recipes (although there are some goodies in there that I recall fondly) - it's for the handwriting. The fabulously neat & tidy penmanship that these days seems to be something from a by-gone era. written in fountain pen, no less.
I recall Granny's writing even seemed old people'ish back then. My Mum's was somewhat more rounded & modern. When it came to my turn to learn to write rather than print, I just couldn't develop a style that I liked - it all looked imature in comparison. So sometime in my early 20'sI finished up with writing & just stuck with some pretty ordinary printing.
Maybe I should buy myself a fountain pen & see if that makes a difference. I am a sucker for nice pens!

In complete contrast:

The gift that keeps on giving...well, at this moment in time anyway, that just has to be my new computer. I honestly didn't realise how much ongoing excitement I could get out of what is essentially a 'tool'.
I have gotten over having a race with it every time I plug in my camera to upload photo's. Each time I plugged the camera cable in I would squeal with delight at the fact that the photo's were finished uploading before I had chance to sit down. I eventually managed to win that race by sitting down before plugging my camera cable in ;o)
My latest excitement is that on Boxing day I decided to test how easily it would get photo's off of other peoples camera's while they were all here, without the need for their camera drivers or cables. I just love that ugly card reader slot on the front now!!!

Put in their card & 'zap' there are the photo's straight into the right folder on my HDD. Plug in the new Digital Video camera that Kieran bought Kerry for Christmas.... & windows picks it up right away & now I have all the evidence needed to hold a smartass son to ransom right there on my HDD as well. Oh yeah I love technology - life is grand, especially when things happen a little easier, a lot faster & with a whole heap less frustration than they have been!!

Thanks again Mailleman ;o)


angelinabeadalina said...

Your grandmother's handwriting is beautiful. Can you imagine how much they practiced and how perfectly they had to form their letters in school? I like my handwriting, but I've always thought my mom's is tons better.

The new computer does sound heavenly! I just figured out that card reader thing on my mom and dad's computer. Ha! Left them the Christmas pics-- they can decide which ones are printworthy, etc.

rosebud101 said...

That is truly a treasure, Deb! You are blessed!