Monday, December 01, 2008

Teenage Angst

Ahh the 1st of December & down here in the southern hemisphere we head full on into Summer...... & the silly season.
Today was officially the first day of Summer - so why am I wearing jeans, a t shirt & a jersey? Grey, cloudy, overcast & a smattering of rain later in the day - it kind of suited my mood & the child I have been trying to deal with.

Fourteen is a tough age & often it is difficult to get through to fourteen year olds "don't sweat the small stuff", but to watch as ones child becomes progressively less enthusiastic about everything they have previously enjoyed can leave a parent with a feeling of utter helplessness. It's often difficult to say the right thing - because you can almost guarantee it is going to be the wrong thing as far as they are concerned.

I've watched helplessly as my teenager has turned from a relatively stubborn & independent child into a tearful mess. However I have also discovered things about her - when she is not busy being stubborn, she is far more open to suggestion.

I have a plan, the plan is distraction. I suggested to her that finding a new interest might be a good idea to take her mind off of things & learning a new skill always makes one feel good about themselves. Jokingly I offered to teach her to knit! After I'd received the "You must be kidding" look, that only a 14 year old can give with such utter shock at one even having suggested such a 'Nana' thing, I offered her some time at the torch & may have even implied that she could pretend the glass was those that had hurt her, as she introduced it to the flame.

Miss 14 wasn't fussed on that idea either, but a visit to her Nana's house & receiving the same plan of learning something new resulted in her pointing at a framed needlework hanging there & saying "I've always wanted to learn that".

Well, knock me over with a feather!!!! In my past life every spare moment I had was spent stitching - both my boys & the girls have grown up watching me stitch daily....& never once had she shown any interest in what I was doing - let alone inclination to try.

Buy hey - it was an easy solution, I have a stash of patterns, fabrics, floss & kits that should be deemed illegal! So we sorted out a chart that she'd like to attempt & she happily agreed that I would show her how it was done on one of my existing stashed away WIP's. Today I shall pull the fabric & the floss for her, tomorrow we will hopefully start.

The Chosen Project

Of course I am left sitting here wishing that I had actually purchased a certain chart that I was about to buy - right as I downed needlework tools in favour of a torch & glass.

From the day I first saw Martina Weber's "The Egypt Garden" in her Mandala series, published originally as one of her mystery projects, over 4 years ago I have wanted to do it.

The Egypt Garden

Of course I'd happily settle for Water Garden, Knot Garden, Persian Iris garden, Alhambra Garden, Oriental Harem Garden, Pompeji Garden or the new Hawaiian Mandala - but the Egypt Garden was my first love. I know a friend did get this chart a couple of years back after hearing me rave about it & showing it to her (probably more than once - lol!), so maybe I'll go for another choice if I decide that I really want to complete one of these before they become a 'no-go' for my eye's.


rosebud101 said...

Sounds like a great plan, Deb, for both of you! I hope you both enjoy the experiences of crafting together.

Sweetwater Designs said...

oh you're a smart woman. What's that old adage about idle hands? anyway..I'm sure that was a very good move. and much cheaper than a horse, because that would've been my suggestion. hahaha

Deb said...

Oh yeah -Deb...a! Then I'd have a whole new set of problems on my hands - her younger sister is horse obsessed & would do anything to be able to ride regularly.
I know thats Miss 14, even though she makes out she is way too cool to be seen near anything without wheels, would be absolutely smitten once she had actually ridden a horse.

Of course maybe the 'coolness' factor is less important now she's wanting to learn needlework. ;o)