Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Know What You Did Last Boxing Day!

or at least I know what we did. Kieran, the eternal 'game ho' around this place decided that we needed to play "Cranium" ....slight problem, we dont have "Cranium".

Not to be deterred Kieran made a quick trip to the Mall & back he came with the latest edition of "Cranium WOW".

Now there is a wee story about Kieran. I used to love paying games against him, at least for the first few times. From the time he was 4 years old that kid was a strategist - so any strategy games you could just not win, Battleships, Monopoly, Risk... you name it.
I recall getting this awesome game at the time "Connections" - hopefully to play against other adults - because lets face it a 'kid' wasn't going to win unless you let them. WRONG! The 4th time Kieran & I played 'Connections' together he had it figured....after that no-one beat him. He's pretty much the same with any Trivia games - an absolute wealth of useless knowledge, unless it's music & his big brother, Jeremy takes everyone out on that score.

However, Kieran is not at all artistic....he he he!

Soo after the board was set up & the rules explained to us, dear Kieran split us into teams. The cunning little darling composed his team of himself, the Mailleman & Kerry. Mum, Gabriela & I were the other team. Given that Kieran & Kerry have played before.....& Gabriela would need help I don't quite see that as fair. I guess that was the only strategic move Kieran had - since this is not a strategy game.
Their team won the first game. Cheats.
We shuffled members for the second game, Gabriela went to the guys team & Kerry came to ours.
The guys still won. They got lucky.
Both the Mailleman & Kieran do have a penchant for knowing facts that can only ever be of any use in a game like this. The best move for game 3, split up the guys - it can only ever lead to trouble anyway ;o)
My team won! Finally.

I really do have to say that it was an absolute blast of a game though. I thoroughly enjoyed it...even though I did my best drawing blindfolded. The clay modelling was fun & I don't think we had a answer that wasn't correctly guessed in time. The miming was something else....especially when I had to mime out "Nut Cracker"! That one was a 'Club Cranium' which meant both teams had to have a mime up at once & each team had to try to guess before the other. Guess my miming was a bit better than Kierans .... but then I didn't have an 11 year old on my team & I turned so their team couldn't see me ;o)

If you want to spend an afternoon amidst shrieks of laughter, playing a game that is pretty much suitable for all ages I thoroughly recommend this game.
We have Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Dingbats, Win, Loose or Draw...but I really think this one beats them all for the sheer fun factor.

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rosebud101 said...

What a great way to spend the afternoon with the family!