Thursday, December 25, 2008

The End of a Long Day

A few visuals of a wonderful day shared with family.... & far too much food, as usual!
Did I say we had Christmas in summer? You could have fooled me, it dawned overcast & proceeded to try & rain on & off all day. Never mind though! A wonderful time was had by all... especially the kids, & I don't just mean the little ones ;o)

Gabriela's main present was almost forgotten, & left tucked behind the tree (so as not to be too obvious). She was not terribly!

Darling wee Sasha, one of my nieces.

Michaela offering Finn a helping hand on the 'family' Christmas present my brother bought for his tribe.

This is what happens when my mum is let loose with a camera. She's threatening to have it printed & framed....apparently the nicest photo of me in a while.

I got 'the look' - probably more so for what I said. I'm calling this one "Military Exercise" ;o)

Jeremy - I really like this photo of him.

Michaela - this is priceless. Her big brothers surprised her with an electric guitar & amplifier. At this point it hadn't quite sunk in what had just been put in her lap. Her later reactions were the highlight of my day.

A relatively decent shot of the boys, Kerry & I...well OK, it's a good one of the boys anyway!

He always was a babe magnet !


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Deb - what a nice picture of you! I agree with your Mom - let her loose with the camera more often! LOL! I've had friends from the southern hemisphere who enjoyed Christmas on the beach - I always thought that was awesome! I'm not one to feel it isn't Christmas without snow. It's usually too much - many times I would be driving to my parents home in a pick up truck and driving through the drifts like they were waves of water! Ugh! I eventually would get stuck in a drift of snow - thankfully, usually about a half mile from home and Dad would come with the tractor to pull me out - but only after I had to walk the half mile to get home. Snow-Schmow! I'd happily take your summer Christmas! Thanks for sharing it with us!


Deb said...

Cindy - if you ever get down this way, best you make sure that it's over the Christmas period then. The teenager could have a great time with his camera & photography too ;o)

I'd love to see if his perspective on travel photography was a different view to what adults snap away at!

I'd love snow...just once though. Just for Christmas Day (to see what it's like), then it could all magically go away again & I could get on with summer, year round if I had my way - lol!

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Deb, the pics are beautiful. The one of you is fantastic - it has to be framed. Maybe you could surprise your mom and get a nice frame for her and do it.

Christmas here was also 2 days of family and friends. It's so much fun!! We had blistering hot sun, though. But there were the pools to cool those off who felt the need to jump in. :))

You never know - one day we'll be heading in your direction.

rosebud101 said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas, Deb! I didn't even get any photos.