Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Countdown - 3 more sleeps

Time to lighten up!

I have been trying to grow my hair.... trying being the operative word. I did longer hair through until the early 90's & frankly - it was just too much like hard work. My hair is fine & silky, it has a will of it's own, a cowlick in the front & some pretty darn determined idea's of what direction it wants to grow in in other area's - if I want it to stay in any given style, it takes two things I have very little time for these days, product & a blow dryer.
Blow dryers & product are not the best of things for fine hair.

Frankly I liked it about 8 months ago - dead short, probably about an inch long all over, textured & all it took was a squirt of shampoo the size of half a peanut to wash it, about the same conditioner (not that it even needed conditioner) & it was dry before I had been out the shower for a minute. Self maintaining - yep that's my type of hair. If I wanted it to look a bit 'trendy' I could put a tiny bit of product in it & give it a lift..... & risk being called 'sonic' the next morning.

I am also extremely picky about my choice of hairdressers as fine hair isn't that easy to cut, without leaving scissor marks & such. Lets face it when you are going that short....well there ain't a lot of room for error. The problem is that my two best ever hairdressers have issues - they get pregnant.... the cheek, I know!!! ;o)
It appears they take turns at this, then take maternity leave for ages before going back to work part time....& it seems one can never get an appointment with them because they are always fully booked out, then when you finally do start getting appointments - they get pregnant again.

So today I got a little radical, decided to take my life in my hands & went to the first hairdressers that had a 'slot' before Christmas. I made sure that she wasn't planning on getting pregnant - just in case I liked what she did.
She seemed reluctant to cut my hair as short as I wanted it, so I just went with the flow as I had to admit that at least when it is longer it does have some colour to it - it just looks kind of mousy when it's dead short.

I don't know that I am entirely thrilled - but hey at least I can get the rest cut off if I decide I really can't live with this.

So here is the before - fluffy fine frou frou approximately 8 months growth......

And here is the after - just a bit shorter.....

Yep - in both shots you can see that it grows & goes in whatever direction it wants to! Believe it or not that cutting across the back is perfectly even - it just dried in whichever kinky way it wants & looks as if a chunk has mistakenly been cut out. Another good reason to have it cut close in to my head if you ask me.....I mean who has time to look at the back of their hair every day?

The front - well you aren't seeing that. It still reminds me of Hugh Grant when his hair flopped all over his face. If I get used to it who knows, I might get brave. If I don't the next step will be back to my Jamie Lee cut ;o)

I'm still wondering what it is with female hairdressers & their aversion to cutting another females hair dead short. I'm sure that Jamie Lee Curtis never has this problem ;o)


angelinabeadalina said...

See, I like the wispy and not straight look in the back! The front probably looks awfully cute, too! My proble is that no matter how much chunkiness or texture the stylist tries to put into the cut, my hair is too thick-- by the next day, I'm back to a glob of thick hair with no pizazz.

rosebud101 said...

Deb, I like the back. I'd like to see the front. Let us see it!

Kyfarmlife said...

I love how you brag on your thick hair ang....LOL I LOVE the new hair cut and I too bet its adorable in the front! I am still waiting for you to send me your email...I went private, long story..but please send it to me and I'll send you the invite!!

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Deb, I like.

Hmm, reminds me that mine needs a trim - it's grown a bit since I did the cancer shavathon :))

All the food is looking divine!! Going to get hubby to try the shortbread - yummy!! Now to ask the huge favour. Do you or your mom have a trifle recipe tucked away somewhere. Very desperate chicca here in SA wants to make one for the Christmas Day!! That would be me. LOL