Friday, December 12, 2008

You know what this means.......

don't you?? Yep - I am officially no longer in the position to complain about my computer!! No complaints about speed or rather lack there of, no excuses for taking many daily power naps while waiting for programs to open - if they so desire.
Santa came early! The maille man had decided that I deserved a new computer... to be fair the poor guy has had to listen to my tirades when my machine has frozen up by the simple act of trying to open photo editing software & on occasion has even borne witness (dare I admit this) to my tears of utter frustration when I have lost a whole load of information because of a freeze.
It was suggested that I get a laptop. I have to admit that I dream of a laptop, being able to do all those computer related tasks outside in the fresh air & daylight, away from walls enclosing me sounds like my idea of paradise.... even being able to work for a while standing up instead of sitting down sounds grand, not to mention having access to all of your own information, settings & favorite programs no matter where you go.
The problem is that over the last five years I have gotten used to working with two monitors & I can't imagine editing photo's without being able to view them on two different types of monitors. Referencing material online in one whilst working on a project on the other is a breeze & I wont even go into how wonderful it is to be able to work through a tutorial on how to do something whilst actually doing it without the need to keep opening minimised windows & such.
Call me old fashioned but to me a laptop is & always will be ancillary.

Hopefully I will be able to remind myself of this the next time I walk down the drive & catch a glimpse of the vast expanse green peacefulness & lush tree's with seats strategically placed beneath some of them over at the park, on the next sunny day when I can no longer bear the restriction of wall & fences surrounding me ! ;o)

Last weekend I started discussing with my brother which computer I was going to get, that quickly turned into what spec's I required for a machine to perform the functions I wanted, as quickly as I would like them to.

Having been determined to get a prebuilt name brand machine it was quickly realised that I would get a lot better value by building one. That idea had already been suggested to me, & although I dismissed it at the time, I was somewhat more open to it than I had been previously. "Thank you" for that - you know who you are!

Not seriously expecting to see any results before Christmas, I was thrilled when I received a message this morning saying that I could pick it up today.
I picked it up after school had finished & tonight I finally got to unpack it & start setting it up.

Will you just look at all that screen real estate I'm going to have? More showing off to come.....

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