Saturday, December 13, 2008

Going out on a limb

Today I worked on getting my new computer set up. To be honest I was a bit overwhelmed by the thought of transferring all of the old files, photo's & document records that I wanted to retain from the old computer over to the new one.

Having heard a lot of negative things about Vista - I had originally been adamant that I wanted to run XP Pro on this new machine. It wasn't to be! Instead I have Vista Ultimate & I have to say that from what I have found so far I am pretty darn pleased with it.
I spent the morning just exploring Vista, while waiting for my favorite program files to transfer & before attempting the daunting task of just 'how' exactly I was going to get all the other files across in an orderly manner. I am so pleased that I did - I found this brilliant program built into Vista called "Windows Easy Transfer"! It makes life a lot simpler than having to deal with finding everything individually on the old machine!

I've played with my desktop & of course have a selection of frou frou widgets & a bright an bubbly screen saver. Knowing my penchant for a clean , almost minimalist desktop, with a zen feeling background, these probably wont last too long but for now the over enthusiastic kid that wants all the 'pretties' is playing.
The slightly more mature kid is marvelling at the speed of everything, the information that is provided on camera settings in the default windows program.... & most of all, the wonderful screen real estate on that nice 22" monitor! I can't believe that I actually suggested that I would be more than happy to stick with another 19" monitor -lol! I am also eternally grateful to the maille man for talking me out of that idea!
Life has just gotten so very much easier :o)
Right now I can say that I like Vista, but then again I haven't encountered any problems.

On a kind of weird side note - I had been feeling somewhat disappointed that I wasn't able to get the case of my choice, it was out of stock. Now this case was sleek & sexy, with a black brushed aluminium front. Telling myself that it was 'only a case' I proceeded to settle on the next case in that size range with the amount of fans & specs I required, telling my brother that I'd like it in the 'gunmental' finish instead of black if possible. I was told that they only had the black in stock according to their lists. So, still trying to convince myself that a case was really only something to protect all the inside bits, I said 'ok - just go for it then'.

When I went to pick up my computer, the first thing Paul told me was that he'd asked the suppliers when he went to pick his order up & had managed to get the case in gunmetal. Yay - that made me feel a bit better! I looked at the lettering on the box & realised it looked vaguely familiar amongst all it's flash graphics.
When I later unpacked the case & had a look at the logo on that I realised that it was exactly the same font I had decided on a few weeks back for my website graphics!
Almost as if that was 'meant to be' really.

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