Friday, December 19, 2008

Countdown to Christmas - 5 More Sleeps

Found on Etsy ~ Today it's Jewelry

Just imagine for a moment that money wasn't an issue, price was no object & you could buy anything that took your fancy....anything at all! I somehow suspect that after a very short while it would become a hollow form of fulfillment, but in the meantime a girl can dream...can't she?
I'm not talking the big things like cars, luxury holidays or the lastest electronics & gadgets (although no doubt I could compile a list of those in no time flat!). More like the smaller stuff - something that you can put on, or immerse yourself in & just for a wee while be somewhere or someone else, items that enable one to imagine a different time or culture just by looking at it or touching it.

Jewelry, books, clothes, artwork, decor items, soaps, lotions & potions ...those sorts of things.

I've always had a taste for the exotic or tribal & have always liked things that are just a tad different from the 'norm' - here in conservative New Zealand, it doesn't take so very much to fall into that catagory, so Etsy provides me the eye candy with which to fuel my daydreams.
I don't 'drip' with jewelry on a daily basis - but I do love the stuff. So I'm starting with that!

The hardest part is narrowing down the choices - there is still so much on Etsy I haven't discovered, & for fear of you all wearing out your scroll buttons with my picks I am limiting myself to 7 items from stores I've been watching & want to share. Be warned I tend to look for my favorite stones & metals when it comes to Jewelry - topping that list would have to be silver, turquoise, silver, carnelian, silver, coral, amber, silver, onyx...oh & did I mention silver?

Dragon Elements NecklaceDragon Elements Necklace
#1. First up a store I discovered a few days ago. Instant love at first sight on my part I'm afraid. Designer Liz Hall's Store "Lizards Jewelry" on Etsy is a showcase of her incredible talent & obviously an inherant eye for putting just the right elements together. Also take a look at her website at - everything is absolutely stunning. A quick tour of some of her pieces can also be found on Youtube.

Ultimate Stacker Ring SetThe Ultimate Stacker Set - 8 Rings in Sterling Silver
#2. Yum! Hand forged & shaped silver. Isn't this set of rings just divine? Imagine the combinations & possibilities - I love concepts like this. Jen's bio states "A Blond And A Torch offers artisan crafted metal jewelry that is simple and organic, yet elegant" & that pretty much sum's it up perfectly. More enticing combinations can be found at Jen Nixons Etsy Store A Blonde and a Torch .

Big Copper Carnelian PendantBig Copper Carnelian Pendant
#3. This wonderful pendant was discovered (& added to my favorites whilst looking for something entirely different) in Jeannie Wray's Etsy store "JW Style" was this superb copper & carnelian pendant. Jeannie lives in Missouri & is a multi talented artist. Her store is well worth a visit.

Decorative Dangle EarringsDecorative Dangling Earrings
#4. These artists don't give a name, but I like their work & in particular some of the mixed metals showcased in their earrings. Years ago I figured the secret to being able to mix metals in other jewelry was to have a central piece like these. Check out the items in "NorthWest Goods" store.

Tibetan Ghau with CoralTibetan Ghau with Coral
#5. Anne Singer of Silk Road Jewelry obtains focal pieces from all over the globe to use in her creations. Some are new & some are vintage pieces, irregardless it seems that she has a great talent for finding just the right accent beads to go with them to create a wonderful timeless piece & is able to showcase many fabulous items in her etsy store, including this fabulous Moroccan Tuareg Pendant.

Turquoise Wire Wrap BraceletOn A Turquoise Cloud Bracelet
#6. I can't find out a whole lot about this seller, but could not bring myself to leave out this fabulous Tuquoise & Silver bracelet....simply because I love the less structured effect of naturally shaped chunks of turquoise combined with the wire wrapping. Take a peek at the Etsy store SirensDesigns.

Lhasa Mens NecklaceLhasa Mens' Necklace
#7. Linda creates some very cool, very tribal pieces. Happily mixing old & new she comes up with some great results. Even though this is a males necklace - I'd wear it, & quite happily.
This & many other tantalizing creations can be found in Linda Lou's Etsy Store Glasspondstudio.
There are also many more collections on her website at


angelinabeadalina said...

Heehee, I was about to say the same thing about the men's necklace-- that is too cool! I like all your pics! Even though I still don't wear much jewelry, I love to look at gorgeous, beyond the norm designs :)

rosebud101 said...

Those are some good finds, Deb! Absolutely stunning!